Regional pork industry stakeholders on the alert against emergence of a new pig disease

The Caribbean Animal Health Network (CaribVET) is encouraging stakeholders in all pork industries in the Caribbean to take every precaution to prevent the introduction into the countries of the viral disease, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED). PED has been present in both Europe and Asia for some time but since the first case was identified in the United States of America in April last year, the disease has spread rapidly to 27 states, across the border into Canada and was recently confirmed in Colombia, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Read more »

3rd Meeting of the CaribVET T & TBD Working Group, Guadeloupe, Nov 2013

The joint meeting of the FCR ”ResisT” Project on Tick Resistance, surveillance and control in the Caribbean and the 3rd meeting of the CaribVET Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases Working Group was held in CIRAD, Guadeloupe, 26th November - 28th November, 2013.

Kick Off Meeting of FCR ResisT project & 3rd T&TBD WG meeting Read more »

1er International Forum Public Health Watch and Response in island territories

Press Release – 06/13/2013

Winning bet for this 1st International Forum that leads to cooperative action to deal with epidemics Read more »


Press Release - April 20, 2013


The Caribbean Animal Health Network, CaribVET, convenes its 8th Steering Committee in St. Lucia on 22nd - 23rd April at the Coco Palm Hotel, Rodney Bay. This meeting will officially close the IV Interreg Caribbean project that helped build a sustainable network, today recognized for its exemplary operation. Read more »

The 21st Conference of the OIE Regional Commission for the Americas highlighted the successful development of CaribVET

The conference was held in Barbados from 26 to 29 November 2012 and was hosted by the Government of Barbados, in particular the Ministry of Agriculture and Dr. Mark Trotman, Chief Veterinary Officer. Organized for the second time in the Caribbean, the Conference which has a continental stature gave an unprecedented exposure to the CaribVET network, thanks to the strong involvement of countries in the network and in particular the CVO of Barbados who was the first president of CaribVET . Read more »

Cuba will welcome the International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance II (ICAHS) in 2014

The increasing importance of surveillance for disease prevention influenced the decision of the International Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics to hold the first International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance (ICAHS) in 2011 in Lyon, France. A total of eight topics were addressed grouped into two major areas of surveillance: 1) Surveillance Design and Evaluation and 2) Communication, Collaboration and Implementation of surveillance. Read more »

CaribVET’s Disease Prioritization Tool 2012 Released

Belize, 10 October 2012.
Read more »

Week of analysis of CSF control and eradication strategies in our region. Haiti, 5-8 June

The week of 5th to 8th June was dedicated to discussions on Classical Swine Fever control/eradication strategies in the Caribbean affected countries.

Three meetings were held in the hotel Karibe, in Petionville, Haiti:

- The bilateral Commission USDA-Haiti-Dominican Republic (4th and 5th June)
- The GfTAD FAO / OIE dedicated to the CSF (6th June)
- The 4th meeting of the Swine Diseases Working Group of CaribVET (7th-8th June) Read more »


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