First VEP training: Basic epidemiology

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Lu, 07/14/2008 (Toute la journée) - Ve, 07/18/2008 (Toute la journée)
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The first official training of the VEP (Veterinary Epidemiologist/Para-epidemiologist) team took place in Santo Domingo from the 14th to the 18th of July 2008. This workshop took the form of both practical and theoretical sessions and was facilitated by many experts in the field of epidemiology and data management.

The main objectives of this seminar were to enhance the group’s capacity through a refreshers session on the basic concepts of epidemiology and surveillance, emphasizing the need for a surveillance network with a good communication strategy to facilitate proper functioning. The importance of proper sample and data collection and management was also highlighted.

The participants were also briefed on the regional integration in the CaribVET network and the use of the epidemiological surveillance assessment and improvement tool (SNAT).

This workshop was timely and met its objectives the participants were able to gather much information and are now enthusiastic about getting the project on a successful path.

Dr. Auria King-Cenac, VEP St Lucia



Country surveillance system organization 

- Dominica network by Dr Lennox ST. Aimee 

- Saint Lucia network by Dr Auria King-Cenac 

- Saint Vincent network by Dr Malaïka Glasgow 

- Dominican Republic network by Dr Wendy González 

- Haïti: Groupement Santé Bêtes by Dr Jean Rodney Jacques Simon 

- Saint Kitts network by Dr Lesroy Henry 

- Barbados network by Dr Vicki Aimey 

- Grenada network by Mr Denis Thomas 

- Antigua and Barbuda network by Dr Zakia Goodwin-Diaz


Presentations by Pascal Hendrikx 

- CSF surveillance 

- Surveillance protocol 1 

- Surveillance protocol 2


Presentations by CIRAD 

- Sample and data management 

- RANEMA distance learning presentation 

- Priority diseases definition


Presentation by Bryan Sanford 

- Principles in Data Base Management


Presentation by Malaika Glasgow, Saint Vincent 

- Leptospirosis survey in St Vincent


Presentations by Cynthia Johnson, USDA 

- Introduction to vet epidemiology 

- Measures of disease frequency 

- Incidence and prevalence 

- Presentation of data 

- Emerging disease surveillance 

- Communication


Presentations by Cristobal Zepeda, USDA 

- Surveys and sampling : basic criteria 

- Diagnostic test properties (Se / Sp / predictive values) 

- Basic concepts about trainings 

- Avian Influenza surveillance 

- Comportamentalization

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