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Performance indicators

Performance indicators to each VEP

Performances indicators are calculated to each VEP each half-year. These indicators allow following activities and work evolution of each VEP over time. Normally, VEP should increase their activities over time.

List of Performance indicators:

  • Personnal information

- number of time that VEP filled questionnaire online

  • Trainings

- Number of trainings that VEP received

-  Number of trainings that VEP provided Leer más »


Monthly Action Report (MAR) is a questionnaire filled and submitted each month by VEP in order to make an inventory of all their activities conducted during the month. Monthly Action Report is available on line on a website ( with a restricted access. Each VEP uses login and password in order to access to its own information. Each time VEP enter in the website, old information and data appears and VEP can update information or add new ones.


Monthly Action report is composed of nine sections: Leer más »

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