4th Steering committee meeting

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Lun, 03/16/2009 - 14:15 - Mar, 03/17/2009 - 14:15
Trelawny, Jamaica

The fourth meeting of the steering committee of CaribVET was held March the 16 and 17 2009 in Jamaica, in the presence of the chief veterinary officers or their representatives of all countries and territories of the region. The committee was chaired by Dr Mark Trotman, CVO Barbados.

Past year CaribVET activities have been presented and 2009-2010 orientations regarding the network have been defined.

This steering committee was held jointly with the CARICOM CVOs meeting (March, 18 and 19), the fourth meeting of the CaribVET epidemiology working group (March, 18 and 19) and the fourth VEP meeting (Veterinary Epidemiologist / Para epidemiologist) (March 18 to 20).


Agenda is available in the attached document below

Participants list is available in the attached document below


- CaribVET Network organization and activities
- Emerging disease in the Caribbean: constraints and opportunities for a regional management of the risks


Working groups activities

Epidemiology Working Group

- Priority diseases: list of criteria and methodology

- Priority diseases: scoring for the classification of 13 diseases at the regional scale presented by Dr Thierry Lefrançois, CIRAD

- Risk analysis Cuba presented by Dr Maria Irian Percedo Abreu, CENSA, Cuba

- Risk analysis recommendations presented by Dr T Lefrançois


Classical Swine Fever Working Group

- 2008 European Inter-laboratory Comparison Test for CSF presented by Dr Maria Teresa Frias Lepoureau, CENSA, Cuba

- FAO survey on CSF epidemiological records


Avian pests Working Group

- LPAI situation in Dominican Republic presented by Dr Juan Francisco Lopez, DR

- LPAI situation in Haiti presented by Agr Simeon Phanord, Haiti

- Regional diagnostic presented by Dr T Lefrançois

- Qualitative Risk assessment: Fighting Cocks Martinique presentation of Dr Loic Gouyet, CVO Martinique

- Future activities presented by Dr T Lefrançois


Ticks and Tick born diseases Working Group

- CAP data analysis presentation of Dr Sylvie Ahoussou, CIRAD

- Amblyomma modelling presentation of Dr Thibaud Porphyre, CIRAD

- Research on Heartwater at CIRAD presented by Dr T Lefrançois


Other diseases

- Rabies presented by Dr Lloyd Webb, PAHO

- Salmonellosis presented by Dr L Webb

- Leptospirosis survey in St Vincent and the Grenadines presented by Dr Kathian Herbert-Hackshaw, CVO SVG


VEP project (Veterinary Epidemiologist / Para epidemiologist) and SNATs

VEP project

- Presentation of the individual VEPs experiences and working plans

- VEPs activities and trainings presented by Dr Nicolas Ehrhardt, CIRAD


Surveillance Network Assessment Tool (SNAT): Implementation in 8 countries in 2008

- SNAT questionnaire presentation presented by Dr N Ehrhardt

- Common recommendations in VEP countries and publication rules presented by Dr T Lefrançois and Dr K Hackshaw



- OIE PVS (Performance Veterinary Services) implementation in Barbados presented by Dr Trotman, CVO Barbados

- IICA PVS (Performance Vision Strategy) questionnaires presentation presented by Dr Ricardo Mollins, IICA


To see CaribVET new projects and funding and recommendations of the 4th SC meeting, see both documents attached below.

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