5th Meeting of the Swine Diseases Working Group

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Vie, 09/06/2013 - 07:30 - 17:30
Varadero, Cuba

The Swine Diseases Working Group of CaribVET will meet in Cuba on the 6th September, after the Closure workshop of the OIE Twinning project between CENSA, Cuba and Institute of Virology, Hannover (3-5 september), that CaribVET members are invited to attend, as observers.

In order to increase the benefits of this OIE twinning project in the region, CaribVET together with CENSA and the Institute of Virology proposed to organize at the end of the Closure workshop a discussion involving all participants as well as members of the CaribVET Swine Diseases working group (SD WG) specifically dedicated to the future role of the laboratory of Virology of CENSA in the region as training centre in CSF laboratory diagnostic for other Caribbean laboratories, as well as coordinator of regional ILCT.

While CSF situation in the Caribbean has been considered by the Biannual Meeting of the continental plan for CSF eradication in the Americas (held in Gramados, Brazil on July 31,2013) as much preoccupying, regarding the national programs but also the laboratory capacity, the organization of such meetings are a must for the region.

Those 4 days meeting will encompassing CSF diagnostic, surveillance, control and eradication and represents a unique opportunity for the region. It is the first working group to meet after the 8th CaribVET Steering Committee Meeting (St. Lucia, April 2013) and members will have to follow Steering Committee recommendations and tackle one of the new challenges for CaribVET: eradication of Classical Swine Fever in the Caribbean, by 2020 - the objective of the OIE and FAO for the Americas.


In all, about twenty participants are expected at the meetings which will be held in Varadero, Cuba. Agenda of the meetings and main recommendations will be available on the website, in the Meeting Section as soon as finalized.



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