IATA Trainings

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  • To train/certify official veterinarians/animal health technicians/laboratory technicians on the packaging and shipping laboratory specimens in compliance with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations.
  • Provide shipping boxes for the submission of samples to reference laboratories.



  • A CD based training is available from “Saf-T-Pack” in English, Spanish and French.
  • Each CD can be used to train a maximum of six users. 
  • Each country will receive at least one CD with the training module and shipping boxes, secondary containers,  ice packs. Once training is completed, the CVO (supervisor) will sign training certificates. 
  • Training will be complemented with additional information on:
    • Procedures to deliver samples to reference/regional laboratories (ex. CIRAD-Guadeloupe, NVSL-Ames, NVSL-FADDL, etc.).
    • Reference materials
    • If possible (for countries interested in training large groups ex. Trinidad and Tobago, DR, Haiti) CIRAD and/or USDA “trainers” will travel to those countries to conduct a one-day-workshop.
    • Interested countries might participate in ‘simulation exercises on sample packing and delivery to reference/regional laboratories” organized by CIRAD and or USDA.



    • The first training took place in June 20, 2008 during the first meeting held for the VEP program in Santo Domingo DR. 
    • VEPs were trained using a USDA-Training IATA CD.  In total fourteen people completed the training (10 VEPs and  the rest were CVOs and other officials)
    • The following VEPs completed the training:
    1. Vicki Aimey   - Barbados
    2. Tracey Challenger – St. Kitts
    3. Lesroy Henry- St. Kitts
    4. Derek Thomas - Grenada
    5. Rodney Jacques Simon- Haiti
    6. Auria King-Cenac – St. Lucia
    7. Patricia Bartlette-Powell - Nevis
    8. Malaika Glasgow – St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    9. Wendy González – Dominican Republic
    10. Dr. Lennox ST. Aimee- Dominica



    • Training on IATA regulation was conducted using the Compliance Training CD "Shipping Division 6.2 Dangerous Goods, Biological Substances, GMOs and Dry Ice", from Saf-T-Pack™.  The training module was available in English, Spanish and French.
    • The topics included in the training module included, among others, international regulations, shippers and carrier responsibilities, classification of infectious substances, correct packaging, labeling and documentation and emergency response procedures. 
    • The CD and Reference Training Manuals were purchased by USDA-APHIS and delivered to 26 countries/territories of the Caribbean (between July 2010-Nov. 2010).  The participants completed the training by December 2010 in each of their respective countries.
    • Fifty four (54) officials completed the CD-based training in the Caribbean
    • All the VEPS completed the training by the end of December 2010.



     In addition, sample boxes were purchased and delivered to 21 countries (see chart).    All VEP countries received boxes.


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