Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases Working Group

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Creation date (First meeting)

May 2007 (October 2009)


Dr. Jennifer PRADEL (CIRAD, Guadeloupe)


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Diseases /vectors of interests

Amblyomma variegatum (Tropical Bont Ticks, TBT) / dermatophilosis and heartwater

Boophilus spp / anaplasmosis and babesiosis

 General objectives

Build on the work developed by the Caribbean Amblyomma Program, the T&TBD WG provides a regional expertise on TBT & heartwater but also since more recently, on Boophilus spp ticks, vectors of anaplasmosis and babesiosis. The main objective is to regularly assess the tick situation in the Caribbean, promote coordinated and cooperative work on epidemiologic surveillance, control measures and prevention of ticks and tick-borne diseases introduction.

 Specific objectives

i. Provide a regional expertise on ticks and TBDs

ii. Regularly assess and update the levels of infestations of TBT

iii. Support countries in the objective of maintaining acceptable level of TBT infestation

iv. Develop harmonized surveillance & control protocols and strategies according to the TBT infestation level in the countries

v. Assess infestation levels of Boophilus spp and the importance of transmitted diseases

vi. Provide recommendations for improvement of the control of Boophilus spp and transmitted diseases (acaricides resistance, guidelines for breed management, importation protocols…)

vii. Regularly update countries on diagnostic tools for TBDs, facilitate and organize regional training in diagnostic techniques based on the identification of regional needs for TBDs diagnostic

viii. Impart the results obtained in the group using the communication means of CaribVET and promote group work in other international frameworks (review, events, etc.)

ix. Define needs for research adapted to the regional situation and apply research output (population modeling, diagnostic, vaccine development…) to improve surveillance and control strategies

x. Coordinate with transversal Epigroup and Laboratory WGs for related activities

xi. Moderate the content of the website section and provides updated information pertaining to Amblyomma, Boophilus ssp and the diseases they transmit

Main activities

- Reviewed and updated distribution map of Amblyomma variegatum in the Caribbean in 2011

- Pilot sociological study to understand reluctancy of animal owners to use efficient

- Development of a mathematical model of TBT population dynamic in the Caribbean

- Development of a model of passive surveillance of heartwater based on nervous symptoms in ruminants (implemented in Guadeloupe mid 2010) (to be extended to other highly infested islands)

- Diversity study of Ehrlichia ruminantium in the Caribbean

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