Avian Diseases Working Group

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Creation date

(First meeting)

May 2006 (April 2009)


Dr. Mark TROTMAN (Senior Veterinary Officer, Barbados)


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Diseases of interest

Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease

 General objectives

According to the priority avian diseases identified by the Network, the Avian Diseases WG aims to contribute to the strengthening of surveillance, prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of eventual exotic avian diseases introduction in the Caribbean region; develop regional surveillance and control strategies for endemic avian diseases in the Caribbean; and encourage and support research studies on potential risk pathways for entry and spread of avian diseases in the Caribbean.

 Specific objectives

i.  Assess and update regional health situation on NAI and Newcastle Disease.

ii. Promote early detection and control strategies for Notifiable Avian Influenza (NAI) and Newcastle Disease (ND) in poultry population

iii. Share information and regional experiences pertaining to the epidemiology and the behavior of NAI and ND

iv. Assist the countries/territories to minimize the risk of the introduction, establishment and spread of either of NAI or ND

v. Develop harmonized surveillance and control protocols and strategies for NAI and ND.

vi. Moderate relevant CaribVET website section and provide updated information pertaining to the specialty of the WG.

vii. Identify regional needs relating to the WG’s area of expertise and develop relevant projects for the region (trainings, tools, studies, etc.).

viii. Coordinate with the transversal Epidemiology and Laboratory, Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Working Groups for related activities.

 Main activities

- Update and prepare an abridged harmonized surveillance protocol based on the surveillance protocols previously developed by the group in 2006

- Review of current information on vaccination for NAI and preparation of a guideline for the region (ongoing)

- To continue activities on the project on the risk of introduction of NAI and ND in the Caribbean through the movement of fighting cocks and develop a risk communication programme for the Caribbean cockfighting industry (ongoing)

- Review of current strategies for the destruction and disposal of large number of poultry and make recommendations for use by member countries (ongoing)

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