Follow-up report. H5N2 (Low pathogenic), Belize - No new infected premises detected

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Belmopan, Belize:

No new premises positive for Avian Influenza Low Pathogenic H5N2 have been detected since 5 june 2015, when one layer flock situated in a hot spot of a declared infected area tested positive.

The Avian Influenza event in belize with three outbreaks has resulted in a total of 26 infected poultry flocks that included breeders, layers, broilers and hobby birds. Stamping out measures resulted in a total of more than 80,000 birds destroyed, disposal by burial and decontamination of all infected premises. All infected flocks have been within a 5 km radius from the index case, located in Spanish Lookout (Cayo District) - a major poultry production area in Belize. The virus was first detected after routine testing, under the Avian Influenza Programme of the Belize Poultry Improvement Plan.

The virus ins an American Chicken Avian Influenza low pathogenic virus. It showed 98,8% similarity with a strain isolated in Mexico in 2012. No clinical signs have been associated with the disease in Belize.

A 3-month enhanced surveillance following OIE guidelines is in place post the cleaning and disinfection of the last known positive farm in order to regain LPAI free status in domestic poultry.

Since notification of low pathogenic H5N2 by Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) in January this year, Belize has submitted to the OIE several follow-up reports. Access all reports here:

- Immediate notification

- OIE follow-up reports: N°1 (23 Jan.), N2 (10 Feb.), N°3 (17 July), N°4 (14 Aug)

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