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Monthly Action Report (MAR) is a questionnaire filled and submitted each month by VEP in order to make an inventory of all their activities conducted during the month. Monthly Action Report is available on line on a website ( with a restricted access. Each VEP uses login and password in order to access to its own information. Each time VEP enter in the website, old information and data appears and VEP can update information or add new ones.


Monthly Action report is composed of nine sections:

  • Personal Information: This part describes VEP himself, his name, country, priority diseases


  • Trainings: VEP describes any training he participated in. In the first part, he details the training that he received, then, in a second part, he details the training that he provided, and finally, in a last part, he details their progress on RANEMA training


  • Surveillance Activities: VEP describes his/her surveillance activities. The first part relates to active surveillance, the second part to passive surveillance. Active surveillance includes pre-planned or on-going sampling, while passive surveillance describes situations in which cases are brought to their attention by someone else (such as a farmer, livestock producer, or abattoir inspector).  For both active and passive surveillance, he indicates the type of surveillance activity, the disease and species concerned, the number of samples collected and the results if available.


  • Data Management: VEP describes his work in data management. The first part relates to questionnaires, the second relates to databases, and the last part relates to GIS.


  • Meetings and communication: VEP describes the different meetings he participated in with their CVO, partners or others persons. He describes also his communication activities including public outreach or education (purpose, method, and outcome), sharing of surveillance results with stakeholders or the public (purpose, method, and outcome), and communication-coordination within his national surveillance network.


  • Surveillance plans: This section concerns the surveillance plans that currently exist, those in progress, and those which are planned for development in the year. We are interested in the plans which VEP have participated in the development of, rather than those developed completely by others.


  • Emergency Preparedness and Responses: This section concerns VEP work in emergency preparedness and response, including emergency response plans and activities that have already occurred, those in progress and those which are still in the planning stages. We are interested in activities and documents which VEP have been directly involved with


  •  Participation in CaribVET: Describe VEP participation in CaribVET. It includes information regarding the use of the website, posting or updating of national information, participation in the application of the SNAT, participation in a Working Group


  •  Supplies and consumables: Describe the equipment or consumables VEP have received or requested but not yet received since the beginning of the year.



At the end of the year, all information are checked by VEP, an individual annual report is created and sent to VEP and CVO to control information. When all VEP filled and finished to use questionnaire, an annual report is created in order to follow all VEP activities in the ten countries. This report is based on performance indicators.




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