AI Sending samples simulation exercise

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Tue, 12/01/2009 (All day) - Thu, 12/31/2009 (All day)

Following the recommendations of the epidemiology and the avian influenza CaribVET working groups, CaribVET has organized a simulation exercise to test the sampling, conditioning and sending of Avian Influenza samples to a reference or regional laboratory.

CIRAD laboratory was designated as a first step to receive these samples and to make a quality control. Shipment to other laboratories will be tested later on, once the procedure will be established for the different Caribbean countries according to the different types of samples.

VEP participated in this simulation exercise, all information and results are available in the attached document below.

The date of sampling was randomly chosen by CIRAD in November or December without prior notice. Two dates (25th November and 2nd December) were chosen to conduct the exercise.

The sample (swabs) needed to be collected on chicken and sent as soon as possible.


The documents useful to send samples to CIRAD were provided:

- Instructions for preparation and shipment to CIRAD laboratory

- A consignment note for customs (to be put outside of the package)

- A sample form for the follow up of samples at the lab level

The import permit was to be requested to CIRAD by each country.

Fedex was the Fret Company to contract preferably.

It was also suggested that the countries investigate and solve the problem of sending over the WE (no FedEx service) and check that the disease reporting system is effective 7 days a week, 24h/24h.

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