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CaribVET's Diseases Prioritization Tool 2012 released

Belize, 10 October 2012. Read more »

CaribVET Diseases Prioritization Tool

The Disease Prioritization Tool 2012 of CaribVET was developed by members of the Epidemiology Working Group (Epigroup), based on similar works of other experts.

The Guideline is available attached. The Excel tool has been developped for versions of Excel 2007 or more and is available upon request, by sending an E-mail to the Chair of the Epigroup or to caribinfo. Read more »

The Surveillance Network Assessment Tool (SNAT)


The Surveillance Network Assessment Tool (SNAT) is the result of a common work undertaken as follow:

- A first draft has been developed by a group of 4 epidemiologists (P. Hendrikx [Regional technical assistant in the Caribbean], S. Molia [Cirad Guadeloupe], A. Maillard [Regional technical assistant in the Indian Ocean] and G. Gerbier [Cirad Montpellier]). Read more »


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