1st T&TBDs WG meeting

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Thu, 10/01/2009 - 15:30 - Fri, 10/02/2009 - 15:30
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

The working group Tick and Tick borne disease" meeting took place the 1 to 2 October at Fort Collins in Colorado.

The specific objectives of the meeting included the following activities:

- Describe and evaluate the current surveillance programs in the Caribbean

- Define regional strategies for surveillance and control and or Integrated Pest management/ help defining national strategies

- Define needs for tools development for surveillance (TickINFO database…)

- Define needs for future research programs

- Discuss how to use the developed models of tick population dynamics

- List the data required for current and future studies (population dynamics, tick genetics, tick modelling, movements of animals, disease modelling…)

- Organize the activities to be developed by the working group for the coming year

- Answer to 2008 USAHA parasitic disease resolution


Agenda of this meeting is availbale in the attached document below

Dr Zakia Goodwin-Diaz, Antigua
Dr Rosina Maitland, Barbados
Dr Lennox St-Aimee, Dominica
Dr Guillaume Gerbier, Guadeloupe
Dr Philippe Pelonde, Martinique
Dr Patricia Bartlette, Nevis
Dr Hector Diaz Collazo, Puerto Rico
Dr Ayanna Simon, St Croix
Dr Georges Joseph, St Lucia
Dr Mervin Butcher, St Marteen
Dr Tracey Challenger, St Kitts
Dr Kathian Hackshaw, St Vincent
Dr Thomas Holt, Florida - USA
Dr Thierry Lefrancois, Guadeloupe
Dr Thibaud Porphyre, Guadeloupe
Dr Rupert Pegram, FAO
Dr Bryan Sanford, Former TickINFO admin
Dr Amy Delgado, IICA (observer)
Dr Maxine Parris-Aaron, IICA (observer)
Dr John Shaw,USDA - APHIS - IS DR (observer)
Dr Susan Maroney, CEAH (observer)
Dr Angela James, CEAH (observer)
Dr Jerome Freier, CEAH (observer)
Dr Steve Weber, CEAH (observer)
Dr Cristobal Zepeda, CEAH (observer)
Dr Cynthia Johnson, CEAH (observer)
Dr Barbara Corso, CEAH (observer)
Dr Alex Thompson, CEAH (observer)
Dr Tom Kasari, CEAH (observer)
Dr Philip Riggs, CEAH (observer)
Dr Matt Farnsworth, CEAH (observer)
Dr Trachelle Carr, USDA-FAS (observer)
Dr Tom Gidlewski, WS (observer)

Introduction (CIRAD and CEAH)

Research on heartwater and TBT (Dr Thierry Lefrançois, CIRAD)

Surveillance planning and heartwater (Dr Tom Kasari, APHIS - CEAH)

National TBT activities questionnaire (Dr Thibaud Porphyre, CIRAD)

Caribbean Amblyomma Programme, Overview of surveillance data analysis (Dr Thierry Lefrançois, CIRAD)

Spatial epidemiology methods in the study of vector-borne disease (Dr Jerome Freier)


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