5th Steering committee meeting

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Tue, 05/04/2010 - 10:47 - Wed, 05/05/2010 - 10:47
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The fifth meeting of the steering committee of CaribVET was held 4-5 May 2010 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in the presence of the caribbean chief veterinary officers or their representatives, and representatives of organisations and research institut in the region. The committee was chaired by Dr Victor Gongora.

Past year CaribVET activities have been presented and 2010-2011 orientations regarding the network have been defined.

This steering committee was held jointly with the CARICOM CVOs meeting (May, 6 and 7), the second meeting of the CaribVET working group Classical Swine Fever (May, 2 and 3) and a training in Incident Command System for CVOs organized by USDA-APHIS-IS (May 2 and 3).


To see agenda of the steering committee see the attached document below

To see participants list of the steering committee see the attached document below


Recommendations of the IV steering committee meeting in 2009(V.Gongora)

Charter of CaribVET (T.Lefrançois)


Epidemiology working group

Surveillance Network Assessment Tool (K.Herbert-Hackshaw)

Scoring of priority diseases survey for countries, risk assessment survey and risk manual (MI Percedo-Abreu)

New website (L.Bournez)


Avian Influenza working group

Update on AI and AI working group recommendations (M.Trotman)

Update of the AI situation in DR (D.Gomez)

Update of the AI situation in Haiti (JR Jacques Simon)

Results of the questionnaire on AI diagnostic in the Caribbean country and report of the simulation exercise of sending samples in case of AI suspicion (T.Lefrançois)

Current and future activities of the AI working group thank to USDA/APHIS/IS (J.Shaw)

Updated situation on H1N1 2009 in Animals (M.Trotman)


Classical Swine Fever working group

CSF situation in the Caribbean and Inter laboratories assays (MT Frias-Lepoureau, C.Lazarus)

CSF WG recommandations (MT Frias-Lepoureau)

CSF situation and presentation of simulation exercises conducted in DR (R. Nunez and W. Gonzalez)


Salmonellosis working group

Report of the first meeting of the Salmonellosis working group (W.Lloyd)

Laboratory and quality assurance working group Strengthening the capacity and capability of agricultural health & food safety laboratories and systems in CARICOM member states (T.Lefrançois)


Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases Working Group

Tropical Bont Tick in the Caribbean Region: output of the CaribVET working group (T.Lefrançois)

Modelling and mapping of Amblyomma variegatum - An example of interactions between research, surveillance and control (J.Pradel)


New animal health constraints to be taken into account in the Caribbean

Wildlife invasive species (D.Nolte)

Screwworm (J.McKim)


VEP project

Veterinary Epidemiologist/Para-epidemiologist (VEP) Project (J.Shaw)

Tools developed or presented to VEPs during the VEP project (M.Petit-Sinturel)

Epiprojects (A.Delgado)


Haiti focus

Outline for the development of animal health in Haiti (M.Millien)

Activities developed by organizations (OIE, JJ Oreamuno; FAO, C.Lazarus; PAHO, P.Tabard; IICA, M.Paris-Aaron; USDA-APHIS-IS, J.Shaw; CIRAD, T.Lefrançois; CARICOM, M.Kalloo).

Encephalomyelitis by Teschovirus, risk assessment study (MI Percedo-Abreu)


Perspectives for animal health in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Agricultural Health and Food Safety Agency (CAHFSA) (M.Kalloo)


Election Co-Chair and inclusion of CENSA as a member of the steering committee

The meeting elected Cuba (Jorge Luis Milian Darias) as the new co-chair for CaribVET (2010-2012). The meeting decided that CENSA will be a full member of the steering committee of CaribVET.


To see recommendations and final report of the 5th steering committee meeting, see the attached documents

Agenda59.37 KB
Participants list28.1 KB
Recommendations 4th SC336.41 KB
Charter of CaribVET211.68 KB
SNAT467.05 KB
CaribVET website1.58 MB
Update AI and AIWG145.97 KB
Update AI DR736.53 KB
Update AI Haiti313.8 KB
Activities of AIWG569.57 KB
Update H1N1424.06 KB
CSF situation ILCT659.61 KB
Salmonellosis390.43 KB
CARICOM lab evaluation330.63 KB
Screworm767.86 KB
Invasive species681.4 KB
VEP tools263.25 KB
VEP Epiprojects169.52 KB
Animal health in Haiti702.17 KB
PAHO in Haiti258.06 KB
IICA in Haiti110.82 KB
USDA in Haiti165.81 KB
Recommendations 5th SC87.63 KB
Final report174.98 KB


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