3rd Steering committee meeting

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Tue, 04/01/2008 - 15:28 - Thu, 04/03/2008 - 15:28

The third meeting of the steering committee of CaribVET was held April the 1 and 2 2008 in Antigua, in the presence of the chief veterinary officers or their representatives of all countries and territories of the region.


Past year CaribVET activities have been presented and 2008-2009 orientations regarding the network have been defined.


This steering committee was held jointly with the CARICOM CVOs meeting (April, 3 and 4), the second meeting of the CaribVET epidemiology working group (April 3) and the APC meeting (Amblyoma Programme Council) (Marsh 31).


Agenda of this meeting is available in the attached document.

Participants list of this meeting is available in the attached document.

Epidemiology Working Group

- Summary of the workshop in Santo Domingo

- Priority diseases set of criteria

- Database Dominican Republic: ISIDORE by Pascal Hendrikx

- SNAT presentation by Pascal Hendrikx

- Implementation of the SNAT in Martinique


Avian Influenza

- Working Group, Surveillance protocole and Performance Indicators

- Situación en la República Dominicana por Lissette Gómez

- Compensation by Joseph Ryan

- Molecular diagnostic Workshop



- Rabies Haiti plan by Simeon Phanord


Classical Swine Fever

- CSF situación en Cuba, Haiti y la República Dominicanaby María Teresa Frías-Lepoureau



- FBD in the Caribbeanby Dr. Lloyd A.W. Webb, PAHO


Ticks and Tick-borne diseases

- CAP data analysis APC 2008

- Heart water research in CIRAD



- Quality Assurance (QSE system) in CIRAD Laboratory

Website updates


Recommendations of the 2nd Steering committee meeting is available in the attached document.


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