1st Steering committee meeting

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Mon, 04/03/2006 - 15:30
Port of Spain, Trinidad

This series of meetings was organised by CARICOM, CIRAD, FAO, IICA, PAHO, USDA, and the Caribbean Poultry Association. The annual CaribVET meeting took place on the first day, during which a new organisation for CaribVET was adopted, including a steering committee, a coordination unit and working groups on various subjects (avian influenza, classical swine fever, ticks and tick-borne diseases, epidemiological monitoring, laboratory diagnosis and information management). A meeting entitled “Animal Disease Monitoring and Preparedness: Focus on Avian Influenza in the Caribbean” was held on the second and third day. This was the occasion to review information on avian influenza and strategies to survey and control the disease. Finally the fifth meeting of CARICOM CVOs/CVPHs/CEHOs took place on the last two days.


Agenda is available in the attached document bellow.

Participants list is available bellow
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FSP project1.44 MB
Poultry surveillance database2.72 MB
Organization210.16 KB
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