1st Laboratory WG meeting

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Wed, 03/30/2011 - 14:00 - Thu, 03/31/2011 - 14:00

See the Agenda in attached

Cedric Lazarus (Chair), FAO
Abiodun Adesiyun, UWI
Luis Barcos, OIE
Trevorne Douglas, Molecular biology diagnostic lab, Dominica
David Elcock, vet services laboratory, Barbados
Maria-Taresa Frias Lepoureau, CENSA
Maragaret Kalloo, CARICOM
Thierry Lefrançois, CIRAD
Wintorph Marsden, vet diasgnotic and residue laboratory, Jamaica
Barbara Martin, USDA
Nathalie Vachiery, CIRAD
Laure Bournez (observer), CIRAD
Victor Gongora (observer), Chair of CaribVET, Belize
Katherine Nishiura (observer) FAS-USDA
Mark Trotman (observer) CVO, Barbados

Terms Of Reference of the CaribVET “Laboratory Quality Assurance and Diagnosis Working Group”:

The Laboratory Quality Assurance and Diagnosis Working Group contributes to the improvement of diagnostic capacities in the Caribbean and to the development of the principles of laboratory quality assurance in the region. For this, it advises on any matter related to laboratory and more specifically aims to:


  • Develop or complete the database of laboratory expertise in the region
  • Identify training needs, promote and strengthen linkages with laboratories in the region and internationally where possible
  • Provide guidance for the development of regional network of laboratories and promote the exchange of data, protocols, materials, and human resources.
  • Assist in promoting the implementation of quality assurance system in the Caribbean veterinary diagnostic laboratories
  • Help in organizing inter-laboratory assays
  • Participate in completing the knowledge of the laboratory diagnostic capabilities and capacities in the region


As for any of the CaribVET working groups, participation of the members of the group needs to be active and implies not only attendance to the scheduled meetings but also continuous work in between meetings and promptly responding to  communication by emails or telephone.

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