8th Epidemiology WG meeting

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Sun, 10/02/2011 - 23:30 - Wed, 10/05/2011 - 17:30
St George, Grenada

The meeting of the Epigroup convened in Grenada 3rd to 5th October 2011. The members welcomed the Chief Veterinary Officer of Grenada (Dr. Bowen Louison ),  the VEP participant of Grenada (Derek Thomas) and a lecturer in public health of St Georges University (Dr. Rohini Roopnarine) as observers of the meeting.

An important focus was given to priority diseases and the group finalized the development of a tool which will help countries prioritize diseases. The group also worked on other topics: surveillance network assessment tool, role of CaribVET in emergency situations in the Caribbean, risk assessment The group also reviewed the activities conducted in other working groups and was updated on the VEP project, And last, but not least, the posters of four participants in the VEP programme from St Kitts, Barbados, Grenada and Haiti were presented as well as two other collegial posters developed by members of several CaribVET working groups.

In addition, the members of the Epigroup were welcomed by the Dean of  the Veterinary College of St George's University and the Departement of pathobiology

Kathian HACKSHAW (CVO Saint Vincent)
Maria Teresa FRIAS (CENSA, Cuba)
Maria Irian PERCEDO (CENSA, Cuba)
Simone TITUS (USDA, Trinidad)
Javier GUITIAN (RVC, London)
Wendy GONZALEZ (Dominican Republic)
Cristóbal ZEPEDA (USDA, Colorado)
Amy DELGADO (IICA, Costa Rica)
Jennifer PRADEL (CIRAD, Guadeloupe)
Bowen LOUISON (CVO Grenada)
Derek THOMAS (VS, Grenada)
Rohini ROOPNARINE(St Goerges's University)


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