7th Epidemiology WG meeting

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Wed, 12/01/2010 - 15:15 - Fri, 12/03/2010 - 15:15
Kathian Herbert Hackshaw (Chair), St Vincent and Grenadines
Mark Trotman, Barbados
Bryan Sanford, Barbados
Victor Gongora, Belize
Maria-Irian Percedo Abreu, Cuba
Maria-Teresa Frias Lepoureau, Cuba
Juan Francisco Lopez, Dominican republic
Lisette Gomez, Dominican Republic
Laure Bournez, Guadeloupe
Jennifer Pradel, Guadeloupe
Simeon Phanord, Haiti
Simone Titus, Trinidad and Tobago
Javier Guitian, United kingdom
Cynthia Johnson, USA
Cristobal Zepeda, USA
Vicki Aimey, Barbados
Cedric Lazarus, Barbados

On 1st December, 2010, a 3-days working session was convened for the CaribVET Epidemiology Working Group at the Turtle Beach Resort, Dover, Christ Church, Barbados. The meeting was chaired by Kathian Herbert-Hackshaw, chair of the Epigroup of CaribVET and co-chaired by Victor Gongora. The secretariat was Bryan Sanford and CIRAD. After a brief opening remark by Dr. Hackshaw, Dr. Mark Trotman, Senior Veterinary Officer of Barbados and member of the Epigroup gave welcome remarks on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture of Barbados. Introductions were then made around the group. Guest participants included Dr. Cedric Lazarus, FAO and Dr. Vicki Aimey, Veterinary Epidemiologist/Para-Epidemiologist (VEP), Barbados. Jennifer Pradel of CIRAD was introduced as the new member of the group. Unfortunately no IICA representatives were able to attend the meeting.


The agenda was then presented and minor amendments made in the order of the topics (see attached Agenda). The meeting then discussed the recommendations arising out of the 6th epidemiological Working Group meeting in June 2010 held in Cuba, and further detailed in the report, in parts dedicated to each topic:

-        Territorial-based methodology for the RA of transboundary animal diseases (Risk Analysis Database status)

-        Conceptual framework for risk analysis of Teschovirus introduction

-        Risk assessment surveys-toward the publication (Status of publication).

-        FMD Risk Assessment (Draft completed and to be presented at this meeting)

-        Surveillance Network Assessment Tool (SNAT)

-        Scoring of priority disease

-        Potential use of Social Network Analysis (Sna) by CaribVET

The recommendations of the previous meeting of the Epidemiology working group were reminded and adapted.

Concerning the organisation of the Epigroup, CIRAD reminds that members of the working group can have an extra-day before the Epigroup meeting to work together when needed.  

The meeting then proceeded following this and the following areas were discussed:

  • Risk assessment survey publication;
  • RA conceptual framework for Techovirus
  • Role of CaribVET in Disaster Management/Emergency Situation
  • Surveillance Network Assessment Tool - SNAT
  • Use of Risk analysis as a tool to strengthen Surveillance of endemic diseases
  • Regional Epidemiological training
  • Foot-and-Mouth Disease Risk Assessment Survey
  • Risk assessment of Teschovirus introduction from Haiti to Dominican Republic
  • Territorial-based methodology for the Risk Analysis of animal transboundary diseases - application in Belize.
  • Potential use of Social Network Analysis (sna) by CaribVET
  • Next Epigroup meeting


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