The myiasis are diseases due to infestation by larvae of flies Cochliomyia hominivorax and Chrysomya bezziana.

Situation in America: 

The U.S. officially eradicated the screwworm in 1982. The same thing happened in Libya in 1990, Guatemala and Belize in 1994, in El Salvador in 1995 and Honduras in 1996. There are ongoing campaigns against the fly to Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Jamaica.

Susceptible species: 

Susceptible species are all mammals including humans.

Etiological agent: 

Screwworm (Cochliomyia hominivorax) is a species of Diptera of the family Calliphoridae. It is also known as the fly in Libya, although it is native to Central America. Its larvae feed exclusively on living matter (which is a notable exception in the behavior usually scavenger maggots) after the eggs were laid in open wounds or skin disorders sufficient to allow the larvae penetrate into the tissues.


Application of organophosphate insecticides in the wounds to destroy the larvae and provide residual protection against re-infestations.


-        Dipping or spraying with insecticidal preparations.

-        Use of avermectin in subcutaneous injections.

-        Close monitoring of movement of animals outside the infected areas.


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