Technical documents

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Technical documents


avian influenza virus







International organizations recommendations

- Recommendations by OIE (July 2009)

- Recommendations by FAO



Guideline for surveillance in swine

- FAO Guidelines for surveillance of pandemic H1N1/2009 and other influenza viruses in swine populations (August 2009). Surveillance program and risk management.

- guidelines presented by the Commission on surveillance, monitoring and control measures to be put in place if the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza virus enters EU pig farms

- General Guidance for the international shipment of samples for laboratory diagnostics (FAO, May 2009)

- List of international veterinary diagnostic laboratories for submission of suspected influenza A/H1N1 swine samples or isolates (FAO, May 2009)

- protocol (surveillance and test) in the site of Veterinary Laboratories Agency


Guideline for surveillance in poultry

- guidelines on surveillance/monitoring and control measures for the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza virus in poultry


- WHO complete list of guidance documents:

This include diagnostic protocols, instructions for sample shipment, pandemic preparedness…


- CDC guidance

Public Health and Animal Health Officials:

Officials should conduct thorough case and contact investigations to determine the source of the swine influenza virus, extent of community illness and the need for timely control measures.


Scientific information

- website of USDA

- Empres watch document on the novel H1N1 and swine influenza April 2009

- Updates on the situation with comments from international experts on Promed website

- site of EUROPA

- publications, scientific informations on the site of Veterinary Laboratories Agency

- Forum with public health experts on PLoS

- Scientific papers from New England Journal of Medicine website and Nature website on swine, avian and human influenza and on past epidemics and pandemics

- Potential for a global dynamic of Influenza A (H1N1); source: BMC infectious disease

- Swine influenza Technical card on Pigtrop website (disease in swine)


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