Chairs of CaribVET

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The Chair and Co-Chair of CaribVET are elected by the Steering Committee from among the country official representatives at the Steering Committee (CVOs). The CVO can nominate someone from his country to chair if he cannot do it himself for a period of 2 years. Each member of the Steering Committee has one vote. It has been agreed that organizations will not chair or co-chair CaribVET.


The Chair and Co-Chair are elected for a two-year period. At the end of the term of their office, they can be reelected.


For a better balance, it is accepted that if the Chair is a CARICOM country, then the Co-chair should be a Non-CARICOM country and vice-versa.


Where the person holding the post of chair vacates the post of CVO, the co-chair takes over. In extraordinary circumstances, the Steering Committee will decide within 3 weeks on chairmanship until the next Steering Committee annual meeting. In this event, the Coordination Unit shall ensure that this process is completed in the specified timeframe. Where the person holding the post of cochair vacates the post of CVO, the chair shall determine who shall serve until the next Steering Committee (same regulation than for election) and so inform the Coordinating Unit. The next meeting of the CaribVET Steering Committee decides to elect a new chair/co-chair or lets him/her finish the two-year term, if there is one year still remaining.


Terms of reference of the Chair and Co-Chair of CaribVET (not comprehensive):


The Chair

- Represents the network at the international level and introduce and report the regional activities through oral presentations and papers;

- Advocates and assists in sourcing financial and technical assistance to support the network;

- Assist in preparing projects or documents in support of seeking support for network;

- Chairs the Steering Committee meeting;

- Assists in the planning and organization of the Steering Committee meetings;

- Assists in coordinating the activities of the working groups and of the regional network;

- Generates the preparation of technical papers and reports for CaribVET;

- Receives and coordinates the delivery of SNAT reports;

- Provides guidance on issues related to the coordination of CaribVET and of the working groups;

- Makes recommendations regarding the guiding principles of the CaribVET and of the working groups.

- Oversights the activities of the network in keeping with the guiding principles);

- Advises on the formulation of programs and projects for the network.


The Co-chair

- The Co-chair assists the Chair in his tasks and can be designated to represent the Chair.


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