Steering Committee

Chairs of CaribVET

The Chair and Co-Chair of CaribVET are elected by the Steering Committee from among the country official representatives at the Steering Committee (CVOs). The CVO can nominate someone from his country to chair if he cannot do it himself for a period of 2 years. Each member of the Steering Committee has one vote. It has been agreed that organizations will not chair or co-chair CaribVET.


The Chair and Co-Chair are elected for a two-year period. At the end of the term of their office, they can be reelected.

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The members of the Steering Committee meet once a year, preferably during the week of the CVOs’ annual meeting organized by the CARICOM. If members are not available, they must inform in writing to the Chairperson of CaribVET, of their official representative to deputize them, their country, or organization at the meeting of the Steering Committee.

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The objectives of the Steering Committee are to:

- Determine the main orientations of CaribVET and the list of regional priority diseases;

- Lay down general orientations regarding the network by defining regional strategies and priority actions concerning animal diseases surveillance and, possibly, control (eradication, emergency preparedness); make recommendations on regional strategy for safeguarding animal health; make recommendations for strengthening national and regional surveillance and response mechanisms and systems; Read more »


The Steering Committee comprises every CVO of the Caribbean countries / territories and the representatives of regional / international organizations, research institutes and universities and donor agencies operating in the Caribbean: CARICOM, CIRAD, USDA, FAO, OIE, IICA, PAHO, UG, UWI and CENSA.


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