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The main objective of the Coordination Unit is to ensure the success of the regional network.


More particularly, it:

- Maintains the link between members and collaborators of CaribVET;

- Facilitates the implementation of different projects and activities conducted by CaribVET;

- Ensures regularly the effective operation of the working groups;

- Organizes CaribVET meetings;

- Centralizes information (protocols, meetings, congress…) and shares them with the members and collaborators of CaribVET, mainly through the CaribVET website. Especially, the Coordination Unit:

      - Manages the CaribVET website and the CaribVET forum;

      - Writes and sends newsletters to members of CaribVET;

- Works on the preparation of new projects and funding;

- Conducts external communication on CaribVET through regional and international events and meetings;

- Conducts research activities for the benefit of the network.


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