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The Coordination Unit comprises Caribbean experts in epidemiology, in animal health and in management in the Caribbean region. Thanks to the technical and scientific expertise of its members, the Coordination Unit supports different projects and protocols development within Working Groups. The Coordination Unit is composed of the chairperson and co-chair of CaribVET, CIRAD Guadeloupe, USDA/APHIS-IS (DR office) and the CARICOM Secretariat (other agencies may be incorporated from time to time as deemed necessary).


It works in close relation with the leader of the working groups and with funding institutions. Any expert (or institution) in animal health having a major role in CaribVET network can join the Coordination Unit, after validation by the Steering Committee.


The Coordination Unit should meet once a year for a better coordination of the activities. The Coordination Unit will also meet as needed with the chairpersons of the technical working groups.


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