Rabies (Dog), French Guiana - Reoccurence

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A case of Rabies in a 6-month puppy living in Cayenne (French Guiana) has been diagnosed by Pasteur Institute (Paris).

The dog was hospitalized at a veterinary clinic for nervous symptoms (convulsions, aggressiveness, visual loss and difficulties with movement) and died.

The virus isolated is a Lyssavirus, of Rabies virus (RABV) species and of bat rabies type. An epidemiological investigation is ongoing to identify all contacts with humans and other animals. A regulated zone has been established to strengthen surveillance.

Origin of contamination has not been determined but is likely linked to contact with bats.

Rabies hasn't been diagnosed in domestic animals since 2003 (a dog in Cayenne) and in wildlife (bat) since 2009, when the rabies virus was first isolated in a bat in French Guiana. The last human case was reported in 2008. Since 2008, a ministerial decree has made vaccination against rabies mandatory for all domestic carnivores and herbivores in French Guiana.

Rabies of bat type is endemic in French Guiana, and French Guiana is free from canine Rabies, however the risk of introduction is not negligible considering the Rabies situation in the Caribbean and the illegal imports of pets.

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1. Meynard J-B, Flamand C, Dupuy C, et al: First human rabies case in French Guiana, 2008: PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2012;6(2):e1537 (free article)

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