Mexico report Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza (Poultry), H5N2

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H5N2 has been reported in one commercial layers farm in Sinaloa State (on the Pacific coast of Mexico) following epidemiological surveillance activities. Low pathogenicity was confirmed at the laboratory with intravenous pathogenicity index.

Epidemiological investigation have been started on farms situated in a 10 km radius distance from the infected farm to test the status. To date, no other evidence of virus circulation has been found.

This virus strain is not new to Mexico and has been reported in the past.

The farm with more than 400,000 birds has been depopulated.


More information:

- Immediate Notification to the OIE (14 Aug.)

- PromedMail comments (15 Aug)

- Sitio Avicola website (in Spanish): Influenza aviar se detecta en Mexico (12 Aug.) and Granja avícola de Sinaloa da positivo en H5N2 (11 Aug).


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